10 Important Google Ranking Factors

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The website that you currently have looks really nice to you, your friends, and your family. It’s simple and represents your business in a great way, however, it still hasn’t moved up in ranking from the later pages of Google, therefore unable to catch up and/or beat the competition in your field. Do you ask yourself why that is?

If you create your website on your own, this concept will be better understood, but if your site was done by a web design agency/company, then we strongly suggest asking them to help you in understanding how all of this works. Learning about SEO Compliance is key to having, not just a great looking website, but more importantly, a strong working one. Bringing your business to the first page of Google, topping over any of your competitors.

Can all this be done through SEO?

Yes! SEO is truly the key to promoting your business through your website!

As SEO is a key factor for your ranking on Google, it is, of course, important for it to have a clean good look, and for every device.
Once you have that and are still not getting better rankings on Google, then we will show you 10 main reasons why this is still happening with your website not reaching first, second, or third place on SERP (Search Engine Result Page).
Don’t forget that 60% of people only look at the first four positions of the first page of Google.
Certain keywords/phrases can lead another 20% of people to the next page, but still not enough visiting the third, fourth page, and so on.

To make this easier to understand, we will take Chicago Pizzeria as an example.


1. Original Content

I’m sure you’ve heard the popular saying that “CONTENT IS THE KING!” That can’t be more true when it comes to internet marketing… Since the existence of Google and Google ranking, it is important that your content is on point. Keeping it original and never copying/pasting from other website businesses.
It is much more important to have your own unique content posted on your site so that Google will appreciate and recognize you for your originality, which is always the best way to go.


2. Quality before Quantity

There is a rule that states, that for the best ranking the page/post has at least 500 words or more.
Sometimes when writing a post or a page and you are unable to come up with more than 200 words, that is acceptable, as long as the quality of the text is on point and connected to your business/brand. You can always add more words later, getting it up to 500 + words, which is recommended.
Never result in taking information/sentences from other websites. Always stick to originality!
This will really help you improve the ranking of your website, on Google.


3. Linking

The correct Internal and External linking tells Google that your site is really good. The internal linking helps users find what they need on your site, like a sitemap, for example: “Our pizza Margarita is 30% off!”
The Pizza Margarita should be highlighted bold, and linked to a recipe page, price, photo of the Margarita pizza, or something like that. The external linking tells Google about others, which means if some other site has a nice blog or sentence with a link to your website, it tells Google that you have something good to share.
It is even better to do the internal and external linking, but always in the right way without overdoing it.


4. Meta title and Meta description

Meta Title and Meta Description is the first thing that users see on Google before they click on your website.

MetaTitle and Meta Description

It needs to be attractive to the people. For Pizza, if we choose “The Best Pizza in Town” as h1 for the Homepage and the business is called “Chicago Pizza,” the Meta Title would be: The Best Pizza In Town | Free Delivery | Chicago Pizza.
It’s important to try and put some words in the title like “free, best, cheap, discount, etc.”
The Meta Description would be: “The Best Pizza In The Town – The most Delicious pizza with the best prices in area. Choose your favorite one. Order Now!”


5. URLs

All your URLs (every page, post, etc.) should all be friendly. Meaning that in your URL there should not be any underlining or punctuation marks. Take Our Pizza Recipes page for example; the link should look like this “chicagopizza.com/our-pizza-recipes/“. Do not allow any unnecessary marks or numbers to be put in the URL.  Also, pay attention that your URLs are not too long.

If you already have that problem, don’t panic. Simply install WP Plugin Redirection. After installing the plugin, it will show on your wp dashboard-tools-redirection.
Then you will go on every page/post that you want to change. Copy the link and paste it on the Source URL. Change the link, update page/post, and after that, copy the new link and paste it on Target URL filed. Choose the option “redirection” and click on add redirect.

Redirection Plugin


6. Page Speed

One of the most important things for Google rank is site speed. First, you want to test your website speed on Page Speed Insights.

Page speed test

That will help show you where and why your site is more so slow, which will then allow you the information how to fix it. If one of the issues are the large images, you can easily resize them with WP (WordPress) plugin “Smush” without losing resolution in the picture, and you can still do that with the free version of “Smush.”


7. Google Index

Every Website needs to have Google Analytics and Webmaster Tool (Google Search Console), Google Analytics give us a report about visits, a number of clicks, session duration, who are our customers and many more. Webmaster Tool gives us report about issues on our Website and of course about indexing. For beginning pay attention on what Google index from your Website, that you can easily check through SEO Yoast Plugin.

Yoast SEO Index

What is important is that not every part of your site must be indexed, which means that indexing of post categories, tags, product categories, testimonials, sometimes even portfolio, team, clients, case study and so on does not require indexing because many things will not be ranked so it is absolutely unnecessary to load google with irrelevant things instead focus on indexing pages, posts, products… If you have indexed such things, you can easily change it through the Yoast plugin wp dashboard-seo-search appearance-content types.



8. Broken Links

Broken links appear when you delete page links, postings, etc. They can really hurt your ranking. This is something that is easily resolved. It is necessary to frequently check broken links in order not to get any. Broken links can also be checked on Webmaster Toolscrawl-crawl errors if you see a number of broken links, check every link, and if you feel that you can redirect some of them to existing content, do it. (explained in step 5. URL’s) All others report to Google like unwanted (non-existing) by copying and pasting each link to google index-remove URLs, and then click on mark as fixed.


Broken Links

If you already have too many broken links that are extremely exhausting, delete them manually, then Install Bulk URL Removal
(available only for Google Chrome)
After that, download all your broken links to your computer. Properly remove URLs by selecting the option “choose file.” Upload your saved file and report all of them as “fixed” after processing all the links.


9. Blog

Many website owners decide to write blogs, which is a big plus, and isn’t a difficult thing to do. There are questions as to how someone can push it to be quoted and popular, though.
One of the entries is the original text (Rule No.1). After that, like every story, the blog must be able to keep the reader’s interest, get likes, and shares. In order to do that, it must be unique and interesting.
This is where we will give you a few tricks to do it perfectly!


  • Add pictures, video clips (according to the latest research, many internet users do not read everything you write, but they do scan the whole page if they are attracted by some bold phrases that they find of interest). Interesting pictures and/or some kind of video that would be showing recipes of pizzas, and making some of the pizzas with a careful demonstration, or the pleasure of the guests eating pizza, or anything that will attract the current “hungry” people who are searching to read the blog, with enjoyment.
  • Add links, because it is good for SEO, and users will be grateful for all the necessary information.
  •  Write in the paragraphs (Do not allow the text to be in one paragraph, share the paragraphs because in the picture you will understand which text would be read from the two offered).
  • Do your best with the optimization, i.e.;
    Meta Title, Meta Description, URL, Keyphrases, Alt tags, H-tags, etc.

Do not forget that you should be working on your pages too. You are not obligated to write daily posts, but writing a post once every 6 to 7 weeks will be extremely beneficial. Be sure to make them interesting and keeping them authentic.

10. Do not be afraid to delete things.

If you have a site for a long time, you definitely have old posts or even old pages that may not be interesting or useful to users, that you can easily check.
Install the ‘Jetpack’ plugin and check the daily stats on a daily basis. After a week you will notice if some of the old posts or old pages were reviewed, if not, you have two options to do with these pages and/or posts.
If there is a specific post and/or page that is still good, the better thing to do is to go and reorganize it, add some better optimizing, and add updated pictures.
If you feel it is completely useless, simply clean it out and delete it.


The reasoning for poor positioning can vary.
We have selected the 10 most important ones for you to pay the closest attention to.