Web Development


Web Development

For A Fast And Quality Website You Need A Professional Web Development Team

We are committed to our clients, their success is ours too. On this page we will explain everything and like to keep it simple.

Your website may visually look good, but it doesn’t mean that it is optimal enough for a race against your competition. It needs to have the right tools so your site is raised to a highest position possible on all search engines.  All those tools boost up the speed, readability and make a better experience for your website visitors.

Text/HTML Ratio

For the best performance always keep your Text/HTML Ratio in between 25% and 75% .

Compatible Plugins

Make sure you have compatible plugins so they do not conflict.

Too many CSS and Java files

If you have too many CSS or Java files it will slow down your download speed.

Web Development is Like
a Custom House Development

01.    Platform

Choosing the right platform is like choosing the right peace of land to build your project on. Do not choose premade ones.

02.   Theme

Pick the right Theme that best suits your project. It is like picking the right materials that you are going to build your custom home.

03.   Plugins

Plugins are like your wiring and pluming, it has to be done the right way from the very beginning so you do not have problems in future.

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